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Famous Places to Visit in Canada

Canada occupies most of the northern region of North America and shares a common border with the United States. It extends from the Atlantic Ocean in its east to the Pacific Ocean in its west and northward to the Arctic Ocean. Because of its vast landscape, the country has many beautiful places that have become popular among both tourists and locals. Here are the regions in the country which are visited for their famous tourist spots and destinations.

1. Atlantic Provinces

This covers New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. This region is known for the historic beauty of Nova Scotia, the exceptional natural beauty of coastal areas and its big fishing and shipping industry.

2. Quebec

This is probably the most unique region in Canada. It was originally part of New France and has a French-Canadian culture. It is known for the Quebec City’s Winter Festival, and two of the most commonly used ingredients in Canadian cuisine: the Poutine and Maple Syrup.

3. Ontario

This is largest province of Canada, based on population, and offers a wide range of activities to do and places to see. It is where Toronto, the largest metropolis and Ottawa, the national bi-lingual capital, are located.

4. Prairies

This region covers Manitoba, Alberta and Sasketchewan. From the east, the region has a rocky terrains and flat farmlands and eventually leads to the foot of the Rockies. The region is known for its geographic variety, from outstanding lakes to unique rock formations. Some of the major cities in this region would be Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg.

5. British Columbia

With Vancouver at its heart, this region is probably the most liberal and culturally diverse as it offers everything from skiing to nude beaches. Aside from these, you could also expect to see wineries and beautiful mountains and lakes.

6. The North

This region covers Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. This region is mainly made of vast wilderness, making it home to many unique and extraordinary animal species.

As for the cities, the nine most popular would be Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Halifax, Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg. Ottawa is the national capital of Canada and is home to numerous government monuments such as Parliament Hill and to several major museums such as the Museum of Civilization. Calgary is probably the financial center of the country; however, it also offers a lot for leisure travelers such as the Calgary Tower, the Calgary Zoo, the Glenbow Museum and the Calgary Stampede. It is also located near the recreation area of the Canadian Rockies. Edmonton would be the city which is popularly known for its big malls, great cultural and educational institutions, stunning festivals and natural parks. Among these cities, Toronto would be the largest and is considered as the business, media and immigration capital of the country.

Some of the other popular destinations in Canada would be the Banff National Park, the Yoho National Park, the Terra Nova National Park, the Interlake Area, Cape Breton Island, Jasper National Park, Saint John River Valley, Algonquin Park and Hudson Bay.