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The largest Canadian province in area, Quebec is predominantly a French-speaking region. It is situated in the eastern part of Canada. Its three largest cities would be Quebec City, Montreal and Gatineau. Today, it is considered as one of the most unique tourist destinations in the country, primarily because of its French heritage that was a result of being a French colony for over two centuries. Here are some of the most recommended tourist attractions in the province.

Montreal Botanical Gardens or the Jardin Botanique de Montreal

Located near Olympic Park, this huge botanical garden features more than 20,000 various plant species that are in 31 specialized gardens which includes the largest Chinese Garden that is outside of Asia. It also has a Japanese Garden that has a tearoom and an extensive bonsai collection. The garden’s Insectarium also offers an “Insect Tasting” during the months of November and December.

Old Quebec or Vieux Quebec

This is a historic area of Quebec City and was founded in 1608. “Upper Town” or the upper parts is walled and has ramparts, making Quebec the last remaining walled city that is north of Mexico in the Northern American region. The lower part or “Lower Town” is where the historic Notre-Dame des Victoires can be found. It is also where many 17th century structures and buildings are located. Visiting Old Quebec would let you experience the diverse architecture of the city.

Notre-Dame Basilica or Basilique Notre-Dame

Built in 1656, this is the oldest Catholic church in Montreal and is popular for its intricately designed interior. It has stained glass which chronicles the rich and colorful history of the city.

The Citadelle de Quebec

Also referred to as the “Gibraltar of the Americas,” the Citadelle de Quebec occupies the highest point of Cap Diamant and is about 100 meters over the St. Lawrence River. It is where the residence of Canada’s Governor General can be found, making it a military installation as well.

The Battlefields Park

Created back in 1908 to mark the 300th anniversary of Quebec’s foundation, the Battlefields Park has an area of approximately 108 hectares with over 6,000 trees and not less than 80 species of shrubs.

Place Royale

Considered as the birthplace of French America, the Place Royal is a historical site that welcomes thousands of visitors annually. It has magnificent narrow streets and building which are components of the cultural complex that is managed by the Musee de la Civilisation.

Bonsecours Market

Situated in the tourism and cultural heart of Old Montreal, the Bonsecours Market is housed in a neo-classic building that dates from the 18th century. Today, it is used primarily as an exhibition hall that has sidewalk cafe, souvenir shops, boutiques and many fine art galleries.

Chateau Ramezay Museum

This museum is where Governor Claude de Ramezay lived and today, serves as a museum which chronicles the interesting history of Montreal from the pre-colonial days up to the present day. It is a historic building that was built in 1705 and features a big collection of photographs, antiques, costumes and paintings.